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DFK Cab, s.r.o. specializes in the production of cabs for work, off-road, leisure and sports machines of a wide range of brands and models.

Thanks to the stable quality and protected industrial design, we produce cabs that have become part of their original equipment for a number of brands too.

Our cabs combine the resistance of their design, the use of quality materials, smart design solutions and high utility features in good price and delivery terms.

The customer can order the whole entire heated cab in a selected design in terms of material and technical design according to our current offer, half-cab or only some parts of it. The product can be delivered to the destination with the requirement for installing by our mechanics, or just in a shipping box with instructions for self-assembly.

We have the necessary production and logistics facilities, our own development and stable work team of over 150 employees who form a background for stable quality production, which is the basis for a long-term cooperation with our customers and distribution partners.

Flexibility, personal approach, reliability in deliveries and relationships, consideration of customer needs and experience, after-sales service that can be relied on. These are the attributes on which we build the development of our company.


Mr. Dalibor Kaňovský establishes a company focusing on production of cabs for fork-lifts trucks


Transformation of the company into DFK Cab, s.r.o.


Reorganisation of company processes and obtaining ISO quality certification


Obtaining CE and GOST certification for all production range


Product portfolio extension, launching cab kits for utility terrain vehicles


Establishment of DFK America, Inc. (USA-Chicago)


Moving to a new production facility in Uherské Hradiště


Achieving annual production more than 6000 cabs


Construction of a new hall to ensure increased logistics capacities

DFK Cab, s.r.o.,
Za Olšávkou 391
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Sady

DFK Cab, s.r.o.,
Za Olšávkou 391
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Sady


Sales department
+420 572 520 061

Billing address

DFK Cab, s. r. o.
Pobřežní 394/12 Karlín
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
Business ID: 044 68 422
Tax ID: CZ044 68 422

Address of factory

DFK Cab, s.r.o.
Za Olšávkou 391, 686 01
Uherské Hradiště- Sady
Czech Republic

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