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DFK Cab Ltd.

DFK Cab kits – Since 1997

DFK cabs for forklifts and various working vehicles are stable part of our production program. DFK cabs reliably increase the utility value of these work machines without any unnecessary financial costs. They are durable and reliable.

Used materials are the integral part of quality

For DFK cabs, we use fasteners that meet the requirements of the automotive industry, safety glass for windscreens and extremely durable polycarbonates for transparent parts. The DFK design stands out for durability and reliability.

Promotion APR10-AUG31 2018

DFK Cabs Shipping Free: Running promotion is valid for our European dealers and customers, and their orders of whole DFK cab kits for various forklift vehicles from 10th April to 31th August 2018. Contact us or your dealer!

About company

DFK Cab, s.r.o. specializes in the production of cabs for work, off-road, leisure and sports machines of a wide range of brands and models.

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Quality management​

The quality of the cabs, parts and provided services is our priority and we strive for set the higher standard with each new model. We use proven suppliers for materials, parts and fasteners to meet our customer’s expectations.

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DFK Cab, s.r.o.,
Za Olšávkou 391
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Sady

DFK Cab, s.r.o.,
Za Olšávkou 391
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Sady


Sales department
+420 572 520 074

Billing address

DFK Cab, s. r. o.
Pobřežní 394/12 Karlín
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
Business ID: 044 68 422
Tax ID: CZ044 68 422

Address of factory

DFK Cab, s.r.o.
Za Olšávkou 391, 686 01
Uherské Hradiště- Sady
Czech Republic

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